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"Payline is a consistant, streamlined system that puts your mind at ease knowing that your payroll is being done properly for you.  With ADP you're not having to worry about micromanaging it all the time, it's being taken care of."

Nadine Wendt, Co-Manager

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"ADP's Payline makes it simpe to run the payroll. Draeger Medical has 80 employees, most of who are on monthly salaries, so with Payline all we really need to do is put in changes, any bonuses or incentives, and enter in leave taken."

Hyacinth Hancock, Human Resource Manager

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"If I had to process the payroll and calculate superannuation contributions myself, it would easily take me an entire day per pay process. Why go through the hassle and spend my valuable time when I could hand it over to payroll experts and spend 15 minutes every fortnight?"

Barry Game, Franchisee

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"With the number of employees we have, we could not process our payroll in-house for the price that we are paying today at ADP."

Mark Murray, Corporate Services Manager

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"By outsourcing to ADP we no longer need to focus on the administration of payroll. We can place more focus on the business. This reallocation allows a business to work smarter rather than just harder."

George Vogdanos, Manager

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