Are you ready for the changing role of the CFO?


Welcome to our CFO series with a rich selection of insightful articles and resources created by The Economist Intelligence Unit and ADP.

Our researchers examined the evolving role of the Chief Financial Officer/Head of Finance from three vantage points: Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer.

The key issues reviewed include:

  • the deepening role of technology in business
  • the battle for talent
  • the challenges of corporate reporting in a 24/7 media age
  • the trade-offs around organisational structures (in-sourcing/out-sourcing) and between operational expenditure for today versus capital expenditure for tomorrow

The insights shared are based on both research and interviews with industry analysts and C-suite/senior executives from a wide range of sectors including: natural resources, technology, consumer goods, financial services, ICT and automotive.

Read our resources to understand what’s changing and how you can improve outcomes for your business.


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