STP data quality – the new business imperative

Single Touch Payroll (STP) requires employers to transmit data to the ATO every time, on the same day that a payroll event occurs. Of course, along with many other payroll providers, ADP®’s solutions will be able to produce the STP file that you need to send to the ATO by 1 July 2018. However – did you know that not all payroll providers will be able to send your STP file to the ATO?


Meet QC – An STP Data Validation Tool


ADP is not only able to lodge your STP file, we’ve also developed ADP® QC Check, a validation system to help you get your STP data right before you send it. Our ADP QC Check solution is fully integrated into ADP Payline and Payforce payroll systems and will keep a record of all your files, an audit trail of progress, identify errors and suggest solutions, to help reduce the burden on your team from this new STP reporting.


Ready for real time auditing?

Your payroll data is going directly to the ATO, every – single - payday.  That means the ATO is auditing your compliance with employer obligations every single time you submit data. 

Your software may be capable of managing your payroll but there can be challenges with data inputs.  Configuration changes over time may have made your payroll process complex. ADP’s STP solution helps identify possible issues before you start submitting data to the ATO thus helping you minimise the back and forth with the ATO.


The STP reporting highway

STP data needs to be lodged on the same day you pay your people; or before. Each time you lodge data with the ATO, they may send errors back to you to be fixed – every time. If you’re processing any mix of weekly, fortnightly and monthly payrolls, this quickly adds up to a data highway of back and forth reports to the ATO.

Coded to the latest ATO specifications

The ADP STP lodgement service is developed according to the ATO version 3 specification.

Importantly version 3 specifications means the ATO return only the data that contains errors. The ATO’s version 2 specifications will return the full data file and the file can only be accepted and passed onto your employees, when all data errors are resolved. See lists of those on version 2 here.

The ATO’s reporting requirement stipulates up to 140 different data fields as part of their STP lodgement file – 70 of these are mandatory.



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