Land smoothly at Single Touch Payroll with ADP

The introduction of Single Touch Payroll (STP) may take your business on a significant journey this year. ADP is primed and ready for this new destination but are you ready for STP? The ATO has given all Australian business, of 20 or greater employees, a one-way ticket to STP compliance in 2018.  

With any big trip like this you have to plan your itinerary. After all, it’s not just the destination, it’s the journey your business is about to undertake! So, to get ready have you:
Payroll HR tick Researched the best way for you to arrive at STP?
Payroll HR tick Determined if your current supplier is the best mode of transport to get you there?
Payroll HR tick Assessed if you have to change your payroll practices before you get there?

ADP’s complimentary STP review can help you get on board, and let’s face it, everyone loves priority boarding! Contact us to learn how this new legislation impacts your payroll systems and what savings your business can leverage.

Time to board with ADP

Since January 2015 ADP has been working with the ATO on STP.  As one of the few large payroll providers working with the ATO, we started off by providing recommendations on the STP operational framework and insights into the complexity of client payroll needs.

At ADP we have a strong working relationship with the ATO and we are at the forefront of changes that impact what is needed for you to keep compliant – including the next phase developments of STP. We’re committed to helping you stay compliant.

Today, we are continuing to work with the ATO as they evolve their design specifications and operational framework.  As the 1 July, 2018 deadline approaches, we will be moving into the testing phase of our solution both internally and in conjunction with the ATO solution.


Let us help you board

While we are sure our STP Readiness Checklist will help you, it is by no means a quick and simple task for some businesses to work through what’s needed for them to be ready for STP. Take advantage of our STP review services and consulting to assist you in navigating your businesses STP journey or contact us today to speak with our sales team.


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