International payroll & human resource management for deeper workforce insights

Managing payroll and human resource (HR) for a multinational business can be challenging, especially with changing local tax and employment laws. Multiple platforms can result in effort duplication and arduous processes to gain clear insight about your workforce and costs.

ADP multi-country solutions provide

Payroll HR tick Coverage across 112 countries and territories
Payroll HR tick Local market payroll knowledge
Payroll HR tick HR solutions that make technology simple for your employees
Payroll HR tick Reporting and analytics tools
Find out why our solution help you focus on running your organisation as efficiently as possible, right from your headquarters.

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A global payroll management system using local knowledge. The central monitoring platform makes your experience seamless across your international operations, even when some locations have small numbers of employees.

A simple, consistent set of processes and tools for managing your multi-country payroll and Human Capital Management from one platform. Ideal for international organisations of 2,500 plus employees.


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