A workplace law expert to guide your business

Running a business and managing people is never easy. With Australian employment law, you need to be an expert just to get your head around the complexities of hiring, managing and dismissal processes.

When you’re an ADP client you get Australia’s leading HR and employment relations service, Workforce Guardian, in your corner – offering you three different levels of service depending on your business needs.


Help is just a phone call away

Complying with the National Employment Standards (NES) for all forms of leave, dismissals and redundancy can be challenging for businesses. In addition, you need to ensure you understand Modern Awards coverage for your employees and how to apply the correct classifications and penalty rates.  Remember you're a phone call away from someone who can help you navigate through the technicalities of complicated or infrequent HR issues.


Workplace Law tools to support employers

Workforce Guardian provides the HR tools employers need to manage employees in compliance with current Australian employment law. Available as a monthly direct debit through ADP, the service gives you hands-on tools, such as templated employment contracts, and practical know-how with step by step processes to guide you through all your HR needs.

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