Timesheet, rostering and leave management solutions that integrate with payroll


Select a time and attendance solution that integrates with payroll to help you automate the entire process. Tackle timesheet fraud, gain control over rostering and mitigate the impact of planned/unplanned absenteeism.


Secure clock-in and online timesheet solutions

Efficient time capture solutions eliminate the manual effort required to capture and validate timesheets – improving accuracy and delivering significant savings in cost and productivity.

  • Clock on and off using advanced biometric scanners to stop buddy punching.
  • Mobile delivery with geofencing to verify the location of employees when they clock-in.
  • Timesheets pass straight into your payroll process.
  • Employer and employee self-service tools with real-time mobile access makes leave management and approval a breeze.

Powerful rostering software to increase scheduling accuracy & efficiency

Rostering can be a time consuming task for managers resulting in errors and under/overstaffing that may create significant business risk and cost.

You can define and enforce rostering rules, such as mandatory breaks. Managers also have access (via the web or a mobile app) to:
  • Skills-based rostering to ensure the right people are assigned to each shift.
  • Assign employees to rosters or, rosters to employees.
  • Cost a planned roster before you confirm resources and track actual versus planed costs.


Simplify compliance with award, agreement & employment legislation

Australian and New Zealand workplace and taxation laws are some of the most complex in the world, which is why our time and attendance solutions are made to be highly configurable to your workplace agreement needs.

Automated payment rules and Australian award interpretation enables easy compliance with Fair Work legislation. PAYG Tax and Superannuation is calculated, SuperStream requirements are met and compliant payslips are created with a direct feed of data to payroll. Free your team to put their skills to work in other parts of the business.


Insight to help control labour costs and identify savings

For most businesses, labour is likely to be your biggest cost. Yet many organisations have silos and struggle to get a unified view of their workforce.

ADP’s standard and custom reports and data visualisation tools help you identify trends such as overtime or absences, in particular department. Tracking time and attendance is also a great way to identify trends and opportunities. While tardiness can be a retention red flag, someone taking on extra shifts may be a rising star in your organisation.


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