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Quality Management System

The adoption of a Management System is essential for maintaining and enhancing our reputation in the marketplace as a provider of quality payroll and human resource management products and services.
The objective of the ADP Management System is to:
  • Ensure that ADP is renowned as the market leader in Payroll and HR outsourced solutions by continually providing our customers with products that meet their requirements, are well constructed, free from errors, properly documented and reliably processed at the lowest possible cost
  • Provide opportunities to increase the market share of our process management products by conducting our business in the most productive and cost efficient manner possible
  • Maximise job satisfaction among our associates
Internal Audit
ADP's Internal Audit program provides the basis for continual improvement and effectiveness of our Management System which underpins a systematic, disciplined approach to the delivery of our products and services to the market.
The Internal Audit Program is based on ADP's Quality Management System primary principles:
  • Documentation requirements
  • Management responsibility
  • Resource management
  • Product realisation
  • Measurement, analysis and improvement
Quality processes and procedures
ADP Employer Services Pty Ltd (ADP) is a premier provider of outsourced Payroll and HR solutions supporting Asia Pacific region. The provision of quality products and services is managed by the organizational-wide control of our 3 key business initiatives, Product Leadership, World Class Service and Employer of Choice

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