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Information Technology – Security Standard

Information security is an asset, which, like other important business assets, has value to an organization and consequently needs to be suitably protected. Confidentiality, integrity and availability of information are essential to maintain the competitive edge, cash-flow, profitability, legal compliance and commercial image. The framework ADP ES is using to implement a suitable set of controls, such as policies, practices and procedures to ensure that specific security objectives of the organization are met.
This policy applies to:
  • all ADP associates, contractors, and casual associates within all ADP facilities and in every location where ADP is responsible for the protection of assets, including information.
  • all computing & network platforms & production centres.
  • all ADP data and reports derived from ADP data.
  • all programs developed on ADP time, using ADP resources, or by ADP associates.
  • all terminal devices, communications lines, and associated equipment on ADP premises or connected to ADP information systems, including home-based and remote locations where access to ADP’s assets has been authorised
  • external persons and agencies which have been given authorised access to assets that are the responsibility of ADP to protect.
This policy specifies requirements for security controls to be implemented according to the needs of ADP Employer Services.
Segregation of duties is our method of reducing risk of accidental or deliberate system use. This method is used by ADP ES to segregate activities, which require collusion in order to defraud. Controls are in place to ensure that 2 or more persons are involved in all areas of responsibility.
NOTE: ADP Employer Services Business Processes and Procedures and Continuity Plans / Disaster Recovery plans are Commercial in Confidence and as such are not for release outside our Business. These documents may be reviewed by the Client, in the presence of our Quality, Compliance & Risk Controller at our Mulgrave Site if required.

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