Changing Nature of Work

The ADP Research Institute’s 2016 Evolution of Work study is a detailed review of issues affecting Human Resource Leaders globally – across 2,000 individuals in 13 countries.

The Changing Nature of the Global Workforce eBook shares valuable insights from the study, including the five key trends affecting workplaces in Australia and beyond.Read the book and find out what changes and opportunities HR Professionals like you need to manage, in order to lead more successfully and help their businesses grow.

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Asia Pacific Section Executive Summary:

Developing Asia-Pacific countries are poised to offer the world’s highest and most rapid growth rate for the next ten years, greatly affecting the way work transpires in this region. The study found that people in Asia Pacific are more excited about workplace changes and more likely to believe they will be positively impacted by change, than people in other parts of the world. In particular, they look forward to new technology and increased personal choice providing them with more freedom/flexibility. Closely followed by the ability to choose more meaningful work and greater self-management. These changes will question the rigid hierarchies, family led conglomerates and traditional cultures that dominate this region – spelling rapid and significant change for business and Human Resource professionals like you in Australia and across Asia Pacific.

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