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Biala (Not-for-profit Organisation)


Biala Box Hill is an early childhood intervention service for infants and children with developmental delays or disorders. The Box Hill location was the original Biala, setup in 1977 by visionary Alma Hexter. Biala now has four locations across Victoria all of which run independently. “The children who come to us are eligible to attend an early intervention program which means they have a delay in two or more areas of their development,” Biala’s Co-Manager Nadine Wendt explains. “The children range from 18 months to 6 years of age. The work we do with them is in small groups, with teachers leading activities to help them in their development of motor skills, communication and social skills. A lot of our direct work is with the children, but we also work with the family.”

 "Payline is a consistant, streamlined system that puts your mind at ease knowing that your payroll is being done properly for you.  With ADP you're not having to worry about micromanaging it all the time, it's being taken care of."
Nadine Wendt,
Biala, box hill

ADP Payroll Solutions

Biala Box Hill has been using ADP’s Payline since 2006. Previously Biala was using MYOB, but found Payline was more suited to their business needs. “As a not-for-profit, we get different people in who do things in different ways, the problem was we had no clear record keeping of our payroll before ADP,” explains Nadine. “With ADP Payline there is consistent data and a consistent way of doing the payroll”. Administration Officer Ann Walker believes having the expertise of ADP supporting Biala has taken the worry out of payroll. “I had to manually calculate everything before. I had to try to work it all out, I’m not trained to do it. Now ADP does it all for us so we don’t have to worry about it. ADP does all the calculations, we just tell them about hours and pay increases. Payline is an absolute relief.” Nadine suggests Payline provides a “consistent, streamlined system that puts your mind at ease knowing that your payroll is being done properly for you. Often with not-for-profits the payroll is done on a volunteer basis. With ADP you’re not having to worry about micromanaging it all the time, it’s being taken care of.”

ADP Benefits

Being a not-for-profit with teachers on the payroll provides an extra challenge for Biala. “Teachers have regular salary increases and often they come in with backpays that need to be calculated,” says Nadine. “A lot of that is time-consuming and very involved. Now we just give ADP the dates and figures, and they calculate it all for us.” As Ann explains “I’m not skilled in bookkeeping or payroll, so things like end of financial year and group certificates was foreign territory to me,” Ann says. “Having end of financial year and payment summaries done by ADP is brilliant.” An accessible, online system is also a benefit for Biala. “It’s a good system to be able to check up on things,” Ann says. “Who’s been paid what, it’s all there in black and white. You can go into the system any time you want.”

Customer Service

According to Nadine, another advantage is the service ADP provides. “I like the fact that we have a dedicated ADP staff member. She is great, she knows us, knows how we like to operate, knows our system. We don’t have to explain each time who we are, what we do and how we do it. We really benefit from the continuity.” “We are very happy with the customer service we receive from ADP,” Nadine says. “Everybody is very helpful no matter who you get. Nothing is too much trouble.”

Time saving

“Payline is streamlined,” says Ann. “It’s just a matter of entering hours and printing off reports. Before I had to go into each person and add in absolutely everything. The actual processing of the pays is very, very quick. You get the confirmation report back within minutes – it is very, very quick.”

ADP Recommendation

Biala Box Hill recommends Payline to other not-for-profits. “Most not-for-profits don’t have a permanent bookkeeper,” explains Ann. “We have volunteer bookkeepers who come in and help us, and when they move on and we get someone new one thing we know is that salaries will be looked after. ADP has really made a difference.”

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