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Accurate, compliant and secure processes

The changing market brings many challenges for small businesses - increasing costs, depleting time and complex compliance requirements.  You can cut the time and cost of your payroll function and ensure your team is more productive by focusing on core business activities.

Navigate through the compliance maze

Payroll is complex.  Keeping up with the multitude of compliance requirements - employment awards, tax calculations, payroll legislations and state versus federal requirements can be difficult.  Reduce errors, risks and costs of not meeting your compliance obligations.

Stop compromising on data security

Increase your data protection with encrypted protocols, sophisticated firewalls, restricted user access and secure User ID authentication.  Benefit from payroll software backed by state-of-the art security systems with purpose-built and off-site back-up systems.  

Empower your employees

Total visibility of your payroll and workforce information at any time is paramount.  Our online solutions provide round-the-clock access to employee and timesheet details plus reports from the secured log-in website from anywhere.  Empower your employees with real time access to their pay and leave information, and timesheets.  

Flexibility as your business grows

Because we have clients ranging from small start-up businesses to large multi-national corporations, our payroll software services and HR systems can meet the changing demands of your business through stages of growth, downsizing, geographical expansion and business integrations. This flexibility ensures that our systems will always match your payroll needs and business scale. Use our software or outsource to us.  It's up to you.

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