Electronic payment services

Simplify your third party payroll deduction process

The larger your business, the more complex you payroll deduction payments process becomes. Navigating and allocating the right employee with a range of recipients such as PAYG tax, superannuation, health funds, insurance, child support, social clubs, trade unions, donations and garnishees can be extremely complex.
You deal with only us rather than with an endless list of organisations. We will take care of:
  • collating employee deductions and disbursement to the right recipient
  • SuperStream compliant superannuation payments
  • disbursement of salaries
  • raising all payments for each payroll process
  • consolidating month-end deductions into single payment process
  • raising a one single debit from your account
  • generating an audit report so you can identify individual payments and reconcile you payroll
 EPS Diagram 
Click here to download the EPS Product Information Guide. This document provides information about the EPS product as well as other information that you may find useful in the future.
ADP holds an Australian Financial Services License No. 312078 in relation to its Electronic Payment Services (EPS). 

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