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Accounting & You is an Australian accounting firm with more than 30 employees based in Biloela, Queensland. In 2007 they decided to outsource their firm’s payroll and selected ADP Payline as their provider of choice.

I really like the service I get from ADP Payroll. No request is ever a bother and any changes I have with employee bank accounts or personal information is updated quickly and immediately."
Colleen Rees
Office Manager

Outsourcing to increase efficiency

In 2007 the management of Accounting & You decided to consider a new way of processing their payroll. “Our firm had grown to 30 employees,” says office manager Colleen Rees. “The workload to calculate the payroll was becoming too much. One of our financial planning staff was using our in-house software program, and it was taking up to half a day every fortnight. That’s half a day that he could be spending with our clients.” Colleen realised there had to be a better option. “With our current system, there were a lot of manual calculations, especially for things like termination payments and end of year payment summaries. I received a call from ADP and decided to have a look at Payline,” says Colleen.

ADP payroll solution implementation

Accounting & You finished implementation in June 2007 and have already seen huge benefits from their new payroll system. “Our payroll now takes an hour and half from start to finish,” says Colleen. “That includes reporting our employee hours, reviewing the completed payroll report from ADP and approving it.” Accounting & You employees also noticed a difference. “Our employees really like the professional service such as the professional payslips with their leave accruals clearly displayed. Because we use a professional company for our payroll it gives our employees the peace of mind that it’s accurate,” notes Colleen. “I really like the service I get from ADP,” says Colleen. “No request is ever a bother and any changes I have with employee bank accounts or personal information is updated quickly and immediately. We often recommend ADP to our clients and to other businesses who are looking for a better payroll solution”

Focusing on core business

The employee who was previously calculating the payroll now focuses on his area of expertise, financial planning. As Colleen points out, “his financial planning abilities create revenue for our business. With ADP taking care of our payroll, we have incurred a cost savings on his labour and increased his productivity by freeing him from this time consuming task.”

Benefits of ADP reporting

Management has also benefited from ADP’s services, “we use the payroll reports we receive from ADP at our partner meetings. The reports give us much more information than our previous system and are much more efficient. We know exactly how much we’re spending,” says Colleen.

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