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Aquent is a specialist recruitment firm that focuses its business in the areas of design, marketing and communications. Rebecca Sinclair, the Regional Director of Aquent Australia, has been with the company for nearly five years. Rebecca’s role is to oversee the Melbourne and Sydney businesses, managing eight staff as well as strategy planning, financials and operations.

 "I would whole-heartedly recommend ADP to anyone who is looking for the type of solution we have. It really is a truly managed service. We have great customer support and any issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. It allows us more time to talk to clients, less time dealing with payroll related queries and issues.”
Rebecca Sinclair,
Regional Director

Previous solution had shortcomings

On any given week Aquent has to pay up to 230 external contractors as well as its internal staff. When asked about the previous payroll solution Aquent used (which was a combination of external Accountant, manual data entry and internally developed software) Rebecca explains, “there were shortcomings. It definitely didn’t work very well, not as well as ADP has worked for us. The manual data entry was extremely time-consuming and also very error prone, which caused us a lot of delays and then extra expenses on top of that.” Rebecca has found ADP’s Payforce Managed Services (MS) a much better option, “we really needed to implement deadlines and be able to stick to them, and I think we have been able to overcome those sorts of issues by using ADP.”

ADP provides best value for money

Aquent has been using ADP Payforce since January 2009. “Efficiency and accuracy were the main reasons that we changed. We did a lot of research and we narrowed it down to a few. We chose ADP firstly because it was linked to our global payroll provider. From our cost analysis and service review, we felt that ADP would provide the best value for money... and we have overcome the issues that we had before in terms of human error, accuracy, efficiency and deadlines. So if you are looking for an outsourced managed service, in terms of value for money, I think you get a lot for the cost.”

Smooth implementation process

“The implementation process absolutely met and exceeded our expectations,” says Rebecca. “There were just no issues whatsoever. I think ADP is very good with being informative, up-to-date with information, up-to-date with legislation and guidelines with what we should and shouldn’t be doing, so it was very helpful.”

Streamlining business processes

According to Rebecca, Aquent benefits from the fact that ADP Payforce is an online service and is managed externally meaning she doesn’t have to employ a dedicated payroll person in-house but instead can rely on ADP to do the bulk of the processing, while Aquent oversees ADP’s services. The Employee/Manager Online self-service function has also made a huge difference. “We used to get a lot of queries such as ‘what’s on my payslip’ or ‘I haven’t received my payslip’, those sorts of enquiries. The fact that everyone has their own online portal now, they can log in, they can see all their payslips, their hours, their end of year statements etc, that helps us in terms of time-saving and helps us streamline the resolution of those queries we were having.”

ADP Payforce Managed Services - The benefits

Increased productivity – “ADP really has improved our productivity, the biggest example for me is in the operations of the business, in that instead of having my agents spending six or seven hours on payroll on a Monday, they can do it in an hour and then get on and speak to our clients and customers for the rest of the day.”
Cost savings – Even though the ADP option did not represent the cheapest upfront cost for Aquent, Rebecca believes it is the best value for money option, “I think the cost savings are in terms of lack of errors, saving on the additional costs of having to rerun things or push things through, so we’ve definitely had significant reductions in that area.”
Compliance – “I think it’s peace of mind for us. It’s outsourced and it’s being managed by a company that in my opinion absolutely knows what they’re doing in this particular space, has up-to-date knowledge and information, is informative, it’s efficient and it’s accurate.”
Error reduction – Rebecca reported that Aquent had gone from two to four errors a week to one or two a quarter. This equates to a huge 95% reduction in errors.
Time savings – Using the old system Aquent missed their weekly 11am deadlines 99% of the time. With ADP, “it’s made a huge difference to us because now, week-in week-out, our payroll is cutoff at 11am without fail,” Rebecca says. “At the very least that’s 4 or 5 hours every week that’s been saved.”
Ease of use – Regarding the ADP Payforce service, Rebecca states, “it’s been a really friendly, very informative and very easy to use service.” The fact that it’s an online service has been a huge advantage for Aquent. “I think for me the easiest thing is managing people’s holiday and any cover that’s required, as I can see all of that online for my team.”
ADP Client support – “The client support has been fantastic, any issues we’ve had are always dealt with really quickly. ADP is really good at informing us on who our contacts are, as well as who does what, so we know who the right person is to go to for each particular type of issue.”
Increased employee satisfaction – With regard to Aquent’s employee contractors, “they are just so happy that if they have a query it will be resolved so quickly and that they have all the information at their fingertips.” The feedback from Aquent’s internal staff has also been really positive, “just being able to redirect queries and having everything online, I think that’s been a huge improvement and the teams really appreciate that. It allows them to go back and focus on the core of what they do and what they’re good at.”

Of course I would recommend ADP

“Because it has just worked for us. It means that side of our business and that particular operation is just so simple and straightforward. I would whole-heartedly recommend ADP to anyone who is looking for the type of solution we have. It really is a truly managed service. We have great customer support and any issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. It allows us more time to talk to clients, less time dealing with payroll related queries and issues. It allows us time to focus on building and growing our business.”

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