Payroll software & services for medium and large businesses

Do you know how much your payroll solution is really costing your business? Payroll is complex. Keeping up with changing regulations is costly and time consuming. Our best-of-breed payroll systems can streamline the administrative processes saving you time, cost and stress.

Payroll systems tailored to your evolving needs

Our online (SaaS) solutions mean you can do away with costly IT systems that can be redundant and onerous to keep up to date.  Whether you wish to outsource your payroll or need a partner as an extension to your function, we can help you. Our dedicated implementation consultants work alongside you for a successful launch.

Use our experts to run your payroll

Let our experienced payroll staff manage the payroll administration process for you. We’ll take care of the reconciliation, reporting, payslips and end of year requirements.  You receive comprehensive reports for better decision making.  Benefit from our experts managing your payroll and have peace of mind that your payroll system is addressing the ever changing landscape of legislation and tax.  Now you can get back to running your business.

You run the payroll on our great software

We understand that some organisations like to run the payroll process themselves but don’t want the hassle of investing in the infrastructure to maintain it.  You can choose to run your own payroll process and still benefit from our leading payroll software.  Do away with maintaining costly IT systems and infrastructure that potentially become redundant and non-compliant.  Gain access to:
  • Scalable, compliant and easily accessible payroll systems that let you focus on your core payroll activities
  • Superior data security standards and controlled access via a secure web interface
  • Systems that we update for changing legislation and tax compliance
  • Employee and manager self-service tools that free up your time
  • Comfort that you’re with a payroll expert with 60 years’ experience
  • We’re still there when you need us as a partner to rely on. An extension to your payroll function

Tighten your data security

Increase your data protection with encrypted protocols, sophisticated firewalls, restricted user access and secure User ID authentication. Benefit from state-of-the art security system with purpose-built and off-site back-up systems and the peace of mind that you have business continuity covered.

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