Guide to avoiding record keeping penalties

A NSW business and its former director were penalised* close to $30,000 for providing false records. Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) Natalie James said, “While we appreciate bookkeeping for employers can seem complex, it is completely unacceptable for an employer to fail to keep accurate records...”

With the Fair Work Ombudsman endorsing+ the Australian government’s proposal to triple employer penalties for serious record-keeping breaches, to more than $76,500 per offence, understanding your obligations is more important than ever.

Read and print our handy guide to employer record keeping. Learn more about what Fair Work and the Australian Tax Office stipulate as the required records that all employers need to create and maintain regarding each employee.

*Trolley-collection operator penalised for false records, 23 May 2017, FWO Media Release
+Fair Work Ombudsman puts business on notice over underpayments, 9 Mar 2017, Australian Financial Review


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