People & Technology
The world of work
in the next five years

How can HR ensure that they are in the driving seat?


Advances in HR Technology have the power to reshape Global Enterprise

As we approach the halfway point in the decade, the progress of technological innovation
continues unabated. Smartphones and Web 2.0 are old news, with Gartner’s top trends for 2015
including the Internet of Things, smart machines and 3D printing.
It is easy to be seduced by the hype around new technology that promises to deliver us into the sci-fi
future we’ve all envisaged. But the reality often lags behind, with many mere mortals struggling with the
same IT issues that they were ten years ago.
 But few would deny that we live in an exciting age — no less those in the HR profession — with the array
of gadgets and ‘solutions’ available promising to change our working lives for the better.

Key questions:

  • How can HR ensure technology is working for rather than against the business and its people?
  • Can technology and Human Capital Management systems (HCM) really be used to improve employee engagement?
  • What role is the changing workforce having in driving innovation in HR technology and HR administration?
  • How can HR be sure it is investing wisely in new technology?

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Technology should give people the tools they need to overcome strategic business challenges